Houston wedding photographer Christine Gosch

My clients are those who love slow Saturday mornings.

Cuddling your fiancé and pets, taking your time getting up to start the day full of adventures together. Cooking breakfast with one another (or if I'm being honest, it's probably closer to lunch at this point) using that new recipe you found while thumbing through a recent magazine you found at a local bookstore or perusing Pinterest. As you begin packing for your day, you give each other a little smile. Whether it be to the farmer's market for fresh flowers & groceries for the house, to the seaside for a beach day, meandering at the museum, or on a hike together. You're freshly engaged and there are memories to be made & photos to capture (is it even a day spent together if you don't take a selfie for Facebook?). This day is yours.

In the car on your way to your destination, you gaze lovingly at your new engagement ring & begin to talk about your upcoming nuptials. You know you want your focus to be on a breathtaking venue and a good photographer. You want scenic views, outdoor ceremony options, and stellar light, which automatically means better wedding photos. You're not a fan of too much attention (unless it's social media 'likes', am I right?) or large crowds, so an intimate wedding or maybe even an elopement with little to no bridal party seems like the way to go. The idea of a stress-free wedding morning with your fiancé getting ready for your vows sounds so comforting and relaxing. You want your guests to have a seamless experience and an amazing, memorable time, so hiring a great planner is amongst your top priorities. To set the tone for your wedding, you want your invitations to be high quality and unique, so an invitation designer/ calligrapher is on your radar as well. And to top off your vendor wish list, a florist who knows what they're doing and has the style of work you're going for. You know how important it is to admire the artistic styles of the vendors you hire, but almost more importantly is your ability to have compatible personalities with them as a humans who you can also trust. It's almost like dating!

But all of the research and planning will be worth it when you arrive at yet another slow Saturday morning. You'll spend a relaxed couple of hours drinking mimosas and taking your time getting ready for your wedding surrounded by the closest few loved ones in your life. You'll walk down the aisle, slip the rings on each other's fingers, and seal your promises with a kiss. And I'd love to be there for that, capturing you every step of the way to make you feel as if your everyday you has been captured perfectly in your photos.  

If this sounds like you, let's talk. You're my people + I can't wait to meet you!