My deep appreciation of my own story inspires my love for capturing yours.

I have very vivid childhood memories of sitting down with a stack of photo albums at my Grandma Cissy’s house. I loved looking through old photos of my mom when she was growing up. One of my favorite photos is from when she was a high school cheerleader. There were also wedding photos from when my Grandpa Ole & Grandma Cissy got married, along with portraits from my parent’s wedding. Such special memories that I’m so grateful were documented, because now this is all we have from that day.

These photos are a driving force behind why I do, what I do. People and their life stories are the most amazing, unique, and intriguing things. No two are exactly alike. I’m here to help visually tell a part of your story.

I prioritize the quality of your images, and I prefer to create timeless, simple images that will stand the test of time .

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Christine Gosch - film wedding photographer

by Megan Robinson

by Megan Robinson



I was always the kid with a disposable camera. Picking up that flimsy paper envelope from Walgreens with 4”x6” photo prints inside was always something I looked forward to. That translated to being the teenager in high school photojournalism class, either always photographing or in the dark room developing film. That’s where my love of film began, so off I went to The Art Institute to learn more about photography & art. When I started my business in 2010 I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to focus on, but through the years I’ve realized that photographing intimate weddings & elopements allows me to create artistic photos using a distinct dreamy style while still serving my clients well.

When I’m not photographing beautiful souls, places, and the stories that go with them, you can find me spending quality time with my family or friends, hanging outside, pretending I have a green thumb, eating good food, traveling, hosting in our home, watching movies, or petting some sort of animal. I always find the animals.