film photographer Christine Gosch

OK NEW THING I AM INTRODUCING THIS BLOG POST (and it all started by accident) AND WILL BE DOING FROM NOW ON. I am very excited, if you couldn’t tell by my enthusiastic all caps!!

I was listening to music while I was working, per usual, and I was going through this creamy, lovely Carr Mansion editorial. Before I share a blog post, I edit the images down to my very favorites that I want to put out into the world to represent my brand. I culled the images, put together the blog post (yes, THIS very blog post) and hit ‘preview’ as the music played. There was something so magical about viewing the images along with the music. It had the right tone + feel as I scrolled, and truly brought the images to life, at least for me. I get that slowed-down, appreciative, warm fuzzy feeling when the right music is played with photos. So from now on, I’ll be pairing each blog post with music. Not just any music, but the right music. The songs that get the point across. The songs that were in my head when I first envisioned the mood of the shoot. Feel free to hit ‘play’ to accompany your viewing, or just scroll right on past it and view the images with no music.

*please note: works best with desktops and laptops, may not work on phones

From our publication on Bajan Wed:

We’ve always been a bit of color lovers. But when neutrals are done right like this, they’re REALLY good. The subtle pops of pink and blush against a mostly neutral and modern backdrop in this shoot brings just the right amount of feel to this shoot. It’s old world, but yet modern. And it does indeed transport you to another place, as the designer, Drops of Honey Designs, was aiming for.

from Kim, Drops of Honey Designs: 

“Inspired by the setting that Carr Mansion provides in Galveston, TX we wanted to create a bridal editorial that reflected a different type of ‘destination’ beach wedding. We wanted the setting to look as if it was a part of the hotels setting so I began designing this shoot centered around the hotel’s lounge space. I loved how they did a beautiful job of utilizing modern pieces mixed with vintage antique pieces…it feels as if the walls are telling you a story. As you walk around the property and overlook the veranda it makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise, only to be reminded that you are in a beach city in Texas!”

Go check out the feature on Bajan Wed if you get a chance

As always, if you got to the bottom of this blog post, you get a gold star. Let me know what you think of the music idea! It felt organic and magical for me to view the images with the right music, so I hope you felt the same way!

Photography: Christine Gosch | Venue: Carr Mansion in Galveston, TX | Styling + Creative Direction: Drops Of Honey Designs | Stationery: Lauren Sterrett | Chairs & Tabletop Rentals: Archive Rentals | Linen: Dyeraid | Florals: The Petaler | Bridal Dress: Unbridaled | Film lab: The FIND Lab