Texas + destination photographer creating simple, timeless, and soulful images to tell the story of your wedding day. 



As a couple who is more than likely planning a wedding for the first time, finding the perfect wedding photographer for you can be a tedious task. It's so important for you to connect on multiple levels with the person who will be capturing your wedding day, including the most intimate of moments, so you must make it count! To see if I might be able to serve you well on your wedding day, please read my account of  what a day in the life of an ideal Christine Gosch client might look like. 

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I'm driven by heirlooms. What I'm creating are wedding albums for your children to look through in 30 years. Photo prints for your future grandchildren to gaze upon as they thumb through old photographs. Classic portraits of you + your betrothed on one of the most meaningful days of your lives. If this is something that resonates with you, I'd love to meet.



I always have a camera on me, if I can help myself.

Some of the things that keep me inspired and refreshed are traveling, architecture, quality time with family + friends, good food, and meeting new people.

When the situation allows, I will shoot until I run out of film. I'm happy to share my personal film work with you here on the blog, along with all of my wedding and portrait work.